Sidney Corbett – The Longings

Made from Nothing
Edition Kopernikus / 001 (2013)

1. Gesänge der Unruhe (2003) for flute (picc, fl.alto, fl.b.), clarinet (Ebcl., cl.b.), piano, violin, viola and cello (15:12)

2. Im Angesicht des Zweiflers (2006) for clarinet (A), piano and cello (8:03)

3. The Celestial Potato Fields (2004) for piano (9:44)

4. The Longings (2003) for flute, harp, violin, viola and cello (10:19)

total time: 43:18

Modern Art Ensemble

Klaus Schöpp, flute
Unolf Wäntig, clarinet
Theodor Flindell, violin
Jean-Claude Velin, viola
Matias de Oliveira Pinto, cello
Katharina Hanstedt, harp
Yoriko Ikeya, piano

Includes booklet with linar notes by Volker Helbing.

The result is a minimalistic music that has next to nothing in common with Reich or Glass, but all the more so with Feldman.
This music on the one hand seems reserved, yet always is pushing forward and, despite all its restrictions, is in constant pursuit
of personal expression and an individual notion of the beauty of sound. (Volker Helbing)

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The composer Sidney Corbett is featured in this first release by Edition Kopernikus, entitled The Longings. The release is a portrait of an artist, whose highly individual artistic stance is outside the mainstream trends in new music composition yet represents a no less vigorous or explicitly contemporary sensibility. Corbett’s musical voice has in the meantime firmly established itself in the international music world.
Sidney Corbett was born in Chicago and educated at the University of California in San Diego, Yale University and then in György Ligeti’s composition class at the Academy of Music in Hamburg.
He has lived in Germany since the mid 1980s and has been Professor of Composition at the University of the Performing Arts in Mannheim since 2006, where he also directs their Forum for New Music. One area of particular emphasis in Corbett’s work is that of music theatre; however there is also a sizeable body of chamber music. Four works from his chamber music output from 2003 to 2006 are presented on this current CD, performed by the musicians of the Berlin Modern Art Ensemble, a group that has worked closely with the composer Sidney Corbett for many years.